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Join us as we begin this week with a renewed focus on prayer and fasting. The Board of General Superintendents have shared a call to prayer to Nazarenes around the world. We see that in Jesus’s life, his prayers were never left alone; Jesus often prays with action. Let us pray and act together this week:


Prayer: For spiritual renewal and revival to come to East Flint Naz.

Action: (1) Walk or drive around the church building neighborhoods, praying for the Lord to help you see how you can be an example of spiritual hope in Jesus. (2) Walk or drive around the church building neighborhoods, praying for the Lord to equip us with a renewed passion to share the Good News of Jesus
(3) Write down the names and pray for those who have been part of our church and have slipped away to be drawn deeply into Scripture and that their love of Jesus and a commitment to His mission be renewed.




Prayer: For peace and opportunities to show Christ’s love to others.

Action: (1) Start seeing others as people made in the image of God. When you interact and talk, listen first and speak little. Look for signs of grace in the other person. (2) Read 1 Peter 1:22 then repeat. (3) If there is someone you are at odds with, be the first to try for reconciliation. Don’t wait for someone else to make peace. Remember you don’t have to agree to accept them as a person. (4) Write a card, send a text, make a call to someone encouraging them today.




Prayer: For the persecuted church around the world and for our missionaries.

Action: (1) Visit Voice of the Martyrs ( and select a people group to pray for; remember those that face tremendous scrutiny as they live for Jesus. (2) Send an email to encourage with words of hope: Eliezel ( and Tammy ( Soto, Nazarene missionary friends in Panama of Pastor Mike and Pastor Denise’s.



Prayer: For those who are suffering as a result of the global pandemic.

Action: (1) Drive by the nearest nursing home or hospital; as you are driving or parked in the parking lot, pray for the housekeeper who sanitize, pray for the lab techs, prayer for the nurses and physicians; pray for those who provide supportive care. (2) Pray for those who are currently sick; Pray for families that have lost a loved one. (3) Call or send a note of encouragement to a someone you know who is taking care of patients and/or is currently sick; Pray for them personally.




Prayer: For those who have yet to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Action: Have an intentional conversation with someone you know who may not be a follower of Jesus, with no other agenda than to grow a healthy relationship for family relationship. If appropriate, you may say something along the line of, “These have been such strange times for us with the pandemic and all of the political unrest; I am so thankful for the peace I experience in my relationship with Jesus. I find hope and peace in the teachings of Jesus. If I can encourage you with my prayers, please let me know.”




Prayer: For unity among God’s people and for healing across the nation.

Action: (1) Read Romans 14:19 (2) Pray for our leaders and for the Spirit of God to direct them into all wisdom. (3) Pray for your brothers and sisters who have voted differently than you did, not out of spite, but out of the love of God. (4) Listen to or begin to read someone who may think differently than you. (5) Take a media break – social media as well as news media.




Prayer: For the Holy Spirit to fill us again so that we may be empowered to be Christlike in our world.

Action: Go for a walk or a drive into a space that is not busy. As you experience nature, breathe in deeply. Listen with your ears, listen with your eyes, listen with your mind. Let the Experience the holy handiwork of God. Invite the Holy Spirit to guide you daily. Find a friend to join you and pray together.


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